Real 3D Dungeons!

The goal of this update was to make it easier to explore, track, and remember your location without a map.

The dungeons are now proper chunky 3D renderings!

Compare to old pseudo-3D, which was just pre-drawn sprites

This makes it a lot easier to add decorations to walls, which are used as flavour and landmarks inside the dungeon.

Change list:

- 3D dungeon rendering!

- Movement transitions when walking and turning

- New and varied wall graphics

- Added a couple of fountains that heal restore some lost stat points

- Tough monsters appear at a slower rate, but lower levels increase monster difficulty

- Made M, W, 0 (Zero) characters more distinct

- Harder to escape from battle, but it becomes easier per attempt


In Temperance Ruin - Post-Jam Update 3 18 MB
Dec 13, 2017

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