A downloadable game for Windows

Left click - inscribe shape

Right click - dimension shift

WASD / Arrow keys - move

R - Cancel current spell

Tab / F1 - Show/hide spellbook

The other wizards graduated at the Zanzar University for Higher Magical Learning with more common majors: Pyromancer, Conjurer, Diviner, etc. You were undecided, and eventually circumstances pushed you into the study of arcane geometry. Now you are - the Geometer.

As a Geometer, you have two spells - Inscribe, to place a node that is part of a magical shape, and Teleport, to shift about the field quickly.


- Spell quality is based on shape accuracy and size

- The centre of the points is calculated, then the standard deviations of distance and angular separation are measured

- The larger the spell, the easier it will be to gauge where to put the next node, and the less effect errors will have

- If any of size, angle, or distance attributes are too poor, the spell will fail

- The view is isometric, but don't take this into account when casting spells


- More spells have effects

- Changed graphics for Fissure

- Added sound effects

- Enemies now attack

- Added menu with help and level customization


Developed by Sean Gilhuly

Additional Credits

Tiles - http://opengameart.org/content/dawnblocker

Music - Digial Clouds - Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)

Install instructions

Download and run the exe


LD35_GeometersFolly.exe (Jam edition) 3 MB
LD35_GeometersFolly_PostJam.exe 4 MB

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