A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As Yet Unnamed Dungeon Crawl (And I'm Really Not Sure what to call it)

Made for LowRezJam 2018.

I wasn't able to make a complete game, this is more a sandbox demo of what I've got so far, with unlimited spell casting. To cast a spell, go to a character's magic screen, select a spell, then press Cast, or press Select to make it that character's right-click spell. I've highlighted the spells that are implemented.

I've tested the game on Linux, let me know if it doesn't work on Mac or Windows.


WASD, Arrow keys: Movement

Left Click: Interact, Attack, Pick up item

Right Click: Cast active spell, Equip item

Middle click, Ctrl: Toggle mouselook

1,2,3,4: Select party member

C, T, K, I, M: Go to Character, sTats, sKills, Inventory, or Magic screen

F1: Toggle dithering

F2: Toggle 32-colour palette indexing effect

F3: Pick up a random item


Music - marty (https://soundcloud.com/martleahy)

Font - Teeny Tiny Pixls

Engine - Godot

Tools - Blender, GIMP


ayud_windows.zip 18 MB
ayud_mac.zip 33 MB
ayud_linux.zip 19 MB

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